A way with words

I realize that Creative Loafing has reduced their RSS feed to one measly little teaser so that I will click through and endure their obnoxious pop-up ads and flashy banner ads and they can report to their advertisers of all the “internet impressions” they scored, but Thomas Wheatley’s microsummaries are so pithy that I never have to leave … Read more

Look at this wonderful lady

re you guys watching this heartwarming thing on CNN about Ann Nixon Cooper, the 106-year-old Obama supporter? Just like a granny, she makes a face when Don Lemon introduces himself and says, “Lemon. That’s an odd name.” Mrs. Cooper, who can remember the pre-Voting Rights Act days in the south, swears not to die until she can see a black president. Chainsaw … Read more

Georgia: more like Florida every day

We have so many license plate options now! Who wants to drive less at a time like this, when we’re just about to get a cat license plate you can show off all around town? The Georgia Department of Agriculture was having a contest to pick the design for the new plate that’s meant to remind people to get … Read more

Conspiracy alert: Tainted tomatoes

I find it HIGHLY SUSPECT that right after Creative Loafing’s own boy wonder Thomas Wheatley’s tomato plants start flourishing, the nation is paralyzed with fear of salmonella from…you guessed it – TOMATOES. Even more suspicious is the fact that Thomas was home sick last week and watching I Am Legend instead of attending the most important press conference of his … Read more

Choose your own composition

Georgia Tech professor Jason Freeman has teamed up with designer Patricia Reed and violinist Maja Cerar to create a choose your own adventure approach to music composition. The program, Graph Theory, allows you, as the composer to choose between 61 different fragments of a violin solo and choose the order they are played in as well as the length of … Read more

Geography lesson

“There is a ‘ho belt‘ phenomenon nearly synonymous with the ‘Bible Belt’.” As Andisheh pointed out, 678 is not represented in Ludacris’s seminal hit “Area Codes,” although 404 and 770 get shout outs right away – even before Luda identifies himself as the Abominable Ho Man.