MARTA in the movies

MARTA has played a bit part in a few films over the years, whether Atlanta is a cheap location for a film set in some other city or explicitly acknowledged. There’s the very memorable hijacking of a MARTA bus at the beginning of Burt Reynolds’ Sharky’s Machine (1978), memorable mainly in the sense that everything that happens … Read more

Drag and Atlanta: We go way back

Here’s something from the Atlanta Constitution in 1913 (from the book Gay and Lesbian Atlanta). The article was about Anthony Auriemma, “a professional female impersonator who contested  Atlanta’s city ordinance banning cross-dressing.” Would that he were still around today, because Danni Lee Harris totally wouldn’t let “Chief Beavers” mess with him! Auriemma was at at the top of his game … Read more

This glorious occasion

Hear, hear! Congratulations to Thomas Wheatley for winning a Pultizer Prize for his coverage of Saxby’s fake victory party in 2008 Well, almost. He is actually a finalist for an Association of Alternative Newsweeklies award for his feature story “Sober.” Here’s to hoping the AAN doesn’t fold before Thomas gets to put on his finest L.L.Bean corduroy blazer and accept the … Read more

Luck o’ the gingers

I wasn’t able to submit to Access Atlanta a photo of Thomas because of the extensive registration process required on AJC. So here you go, readers. Happy Thomas “St.” Patrick Wheatley’s Day. I did notice that another Loafer made it to the AJC gallery of redheads, but even if David Lee Simmons gave AJC all of his personal … Read more

Your Rascal, your safety, and you

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in Atlanta that involves busy four-lane roads, Rascals or wheelchairs, and people on these Rascals or wheelchairs with COMPLETE DISREGARD for basic traffic laws and, most troubling, their own bodily safety. Everyone in the city was out today, so the roads and sidewalks were jammed with citizens enjoying the fine weather that … Read more

Did you know?

Sunday was Scottish poet Robert Burns’ 250th birthday, so WRFG’s Celtic Show was playing some Burns ditties in tribute to the man. Then, two men from the Burns Club Atlanta came on to discuss the grand semiquincentennial celebratory activities for their beloved poet and the Burns Cottage of Atlanta. I did not know that Atlanta (Ormewood, specifically) in fact has an … Read more

Old news

Are you guys ready for one of the most emotionally stirring anthems you’ll ever hear? Two things: 1) Maybe in 1974 you could “see for a million miles on a starry night,” but now the Fulton County landfill gets in the way; 2) I love how awkward yet harmonious the closing is: “Atla-anta-a Georgia (WXIA!) Atla-anta-a Georgia … Read more

Atlanta’s secret nightlife

See, the problem with Atlanta’s nightlife isn’t that there isn’t any, but that the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau and other hospitality agencies can’t talk about what is there – the pleasures that anonymous short-term businesspeople might like to enjoy under the cloak of darkness. For example, Flex, the gay bath house right behind the Georgia Tech conference center. How many … Read more

Everything’s waiting for you

I was reading Terminal Station’s post on his experience downtown after a Thrashers game and how Atlanta felt finally like a “real city” in that context. Oh yes, I’ve felt the thrilling rush of city life with all the tall historic buildings and shining lights and plazas whatnot. But still downtown is completely baffling to me. I … Read more