This is why we’re HOT

Apparently, 40,000 New Yorkers have moved to Atlanta in the last five years, according to an article in the New York Sun. Although, based on this article, I am a little confused as to what they were moving for: Differences like that make some transplants disdainful of their new address 900 miles south. “Atlanta is a second-tier city,” … Read more

Lunching and looking

First, a few updates: Miss Darrow was interviewed over on Creative Loafing’s Culture Surfing blog, where she says terrible things about blogs! Don’t forget who made you who you are, “Susannah”!!! Also, the Georgia Soul blog has an actual single – Vicki Collins’ “I’m Ready” – released by Soulville Records, the record label storefront behind Robert Kennedy in this 1968 photo of … Read more

This glorious occasion

Hear, hear! Congratulations to Thomas Wheatley for winning a Pultizer Prize for his coverage of Saxby’s fake victory party in 2008 Well, almost. He is actually a finalist for an Association of Alternative Newsweeklies award for his feature story “Sober.” Here’s to hoping the AAN doesn’t fold before Thomas gets to put on his finest L.L.Bean corduroy blazer and accept the … Read more

Old news

Are you guys ready for one of the most emotionally stirring anthems you’ll ever hear? Two things: 1) Maybe in 1974 you could “see for a million miles on a starry night,” but now the Fulton County landfill gets in the way; 2) I love how awkward yet harmonious the closing is: “Atla-anta-a Georgia (WXIA!) Atla-anta-a Georgia … Read more

Atlanta’s secret nightlife

See, the problem with Atlanta’s nightlife isn’t that there isn’t any, but that the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau and other hospitality agencies can’t talk about what is there – the pleasures that anonymous short-term businesspeople might like to enjoy under the cloak of darkness. For example, Flex, the gay bath house right behind the Georgia Tech conference center. How many … Read more

A way with words

I realize that Creative Loafing has reduced their RSS feed to one measly little teaser so that I will click through and endure their obnoxious pop-up ads and flashy banner ads and they can report to their advertisers of all the “internet impressions” they scored, but Thomas Wheatley’s microsummaries are so pithy that I never have to leave … Read more

Georgia: more like Florida every day

We have so many license plate options now! Who wants to drive less at a time like this, when we’re just about to get a cat license plate you can show off all around town? The Georgia Department of Agriculture was having a contest to pick the design for the new plate that’s meant to remind people to get … Read more

Conspiracy alert: Tainted tomatoes

I find it HIGHLY SUSPECT that right after Creative Loafing’s own boy wonder Thomas Wheatley’s tomato plants start flourishing, the nation is paralyzed with fear of salmonella from…you guessed it – TOMATOES. Even more suspicious is the fact that Thomas was home sick last week and watching I Am Legend instead of attending the most important press conference of his … Read more