Roses are red, violets are actually violet

magic love candle main

We trimmed our list of favorite grown and sexy hits performed live at Tanqueray Lounge to these three, making a short and smooth playlist for your Valentine’s Day. Saxophonist of Distinction Rod Adwaters, “My Funny Valentine” Light up your luckiest love candle from Rondo, hit “play” above, and pick which House member is going to be your Valentine … Read more

Agreeable and conscientious, that’s us!

These maps of regions according to personality traits are from Richard T. Florida‘s new book Who’s Your City? Florida’s hypothesis is that personality and a city or region’s economic growth and development are very much correlated, with openness to experience being the only type that seems to have a direct role in regional economic development. … Read more

Chateau Elan on YouTube

I realize that the humor here is sort of along the lines of America’s Funniest Home Videos, but whatever. I’m most impressed by two things: 1. The sincere concern of the newscasters once they cut away from the Chateau Elan footage (which by the way takes forever and leaves plenty of time to listen to … Read more