Did you know?

Sunday was Scottish poet Robert Burns’ 250th birthday, so WRFG’s Celtic Show was playing some Burns ditties in tribute to the man. Then, two men from the Burns Club Atlanta came on to discuss the grand semiquincentennial celebratory activities for their beloved poet and the Burns Cottage of Atlanta. I did not know that Atlanta (Ormewood, specifically) in fact has an … Read more

Look at this wonderful lady

re you guys watching this heartwarming thing on CNN about Ann Nixon Cooper, the 106-year-old Obama supporter? Just like a granny, she makes a face when Don Lemon introduces himself and says, “Lemon. That’s an odd name.” Mrs. Cooper, who can remember the pre-Voting Rights Act days in the south, swears not to die until she can see a black president. Chainsaw … Read more

Buckhead Library slated to be razed

Atlanta has been known for having a serious gap in its urban landscape of historical architecture. Since Sherman burned the city, it has been difficult to keep much of anything around. They attempted to demolish the Fox Theater in the 1970’s as well as the simultaneous urban renewal that began in the 1960s that swept away countless … Read more

Plaza Theatre on the brink

We have it on good authority that the Plaza Theatre could be closing within the next week or so. I don’t know if it’s for sale or any further details, but it wouldn’t hurt to go see something there this week in case it’s your last chance for a while or ever. I guess if we were … Read more

Merry Crustmas

Check out Criminal Records/Aurora Coffee’s Asshole Santa photos from last Saturday. Henry Ownings of Chunklet is the eponymous Santa, with his little helpers Dookie and Crappy the Elves. You might recognize a few of your favorite stars of stage and service industry.