Your Rascal, your safety, and you

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in Atlanta that involves busy four-lane roads, Rascals or wheelchairs, and people on these Rascals or wheelchairs with COMPLETE DISREGARD for basic traffic laws and, most troubling, their own bodily safety. Everyone in the city was out today, so the roads and sidewalks were jammed with citizens enjoying the fine weather that … Read more

Everything’s waiting for you

I was reading Terminal Station’s post on his experience downtown after a Thrashers game and how Atlanta felt finally like a “real city” in that context. Oh yes, I’ve felt the thrilling rush of city life with all the tall historic buildings and shining lights and plazas whatnot. But still downtown is completely baffling to me. I … Read more

Choose your own composition

Georgia Tech professor Jason Freeman has teamed up with designer Patricia Reed and violinist Maja Cerar to create a choose your own adventure approach to music composition. The program, Graph Theory, allows you, as the composer to choose between 61 different fragments of a violin solo and choose the order they are played in as well as the length of … Read more