The Making of Modern Suburban Atlanta; or, The Great Dunwoody Tennis Boom of 1991

Now we all know how everyone left the city (on roads, in their cars) but to where did they go? That’s what episode three of The Making of Modern Atlanta is all about. “The development of suburbs and exurbs raise many thorny issues for the making of modern Atlanta.” The History Twins meet us by Arabia Mountain … Read more

“Atlanta by car, 1991″

How does this video ONLY have 67 views on YouTube? And how did it take until now, in 2011, for us to discover the perfect freestyle keyboard music for cruising around Downtown and Midtown Oh, wait’ll you see this drive-by of the Margaret Mitchell house – the music is even better in this one than the last! We really … Read more

The Slugger’s Wife

Imagine this: a film that teams Hal Ashby’s direction with Neil Simon’s screenwriting with Quincy Jones’ executive music producing with Rebecca De Mornay singing Prince’s “Little Red Corvette”! A real “home run,” right? What could be better? A lot of things, actually, because The Slugger’s Wife is a nightmare. The only reason it merits any sort of attention here … Read more

Cake walk through Atlanta

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the Pecanne Log centerfold of Thomas Wheatley-designed cookie cakes. I alluded to these last month for the BurnAway fundraiser/Lot & Parcel and I know a lot of people didn’t take us seriously. I didn’t take us seriously, but then after making 13 batches of cookie cake batter (=2 sticks of butter each) I … Read more

This week in history: Atlanta’s first parking deck

On June 3, 1925, the Ivy Street Garage – Atlanta’s first parking garage – opened! Called a “mammoth automobile hotel” by the Constitution, it was six stories, held 600 cars, and offered white-glove valet, car wash, and basic maintenance and repair services. The Ivy Street Garage was said to be “one of the largest and perhaps … Read more

We got scooped

The ever-helpful Thomas Wheatley mentioned the 1992 sci-fi action film Freejack in the comments of one of the countless things I’ve written about Dowtown, but I didn’t notice until someone stole the clip for post fodder at Atlanta Metblogs. Fair enough! But I’m still using Thomas’ tip since I was just talking about Sharky’s Machine not so long ago. Freejack, starring Emilio Estevez, Rene … Read more

Vintage violence

Friday night we watched Sharky’s Machine. This is 100% a Burt Reynolds vanity vehicle – directed by and starring Burt, he has maybe three spoken lines and spends most of the movie smoking silently in a hotel room on stakeout watching a high-class prostitute. So why would we even bother to watch this poorly-edited, poorly-acted cop … Read more

Lunching and looking

First, a few updates: Miss Darrow was interviewed over on Creative Loafing’s Culture Surfing blog, where she says terrible things about blogs! Don’t forget who made you who you are, “Susannah”!!! Also, the Georgia Soul blog has an actual single – Vicki Collins’ “I’m Ready” – released by Soulville Records, the record label storefront behind Robert Kennedy in this 1968 photo of … Read more

History in the making

I was looking over the Atlanta Preservation Center’s Phoenix Flies sched for March 6-22, making my wish list. Don’t be fooled upon first glance! It looks like a lot of stuff but it’s really just 27 tours of the Wren’s Nest WHICH THEY OFFER EVERY DAY ANYWAY. Just sayin’! But you guys, is the Oakland Cemetery tour about fraternal organizations going … Read more