Roses are red, violets are actually violet

magic love candle main

We trimmed our list of favorite grown and sexy hits performed live at Tanqueray Lounge to these three, making a short and smooth playlist for your Valentine’s Day. Saxophonist of Distinction Rod Adwaters, “My Funny Valentine” Light up your luckiest love candle from Rondo, hit “play” above, and pick which House member is going to be your Valentine … Read more

Costume ideas from your neighbors

It’s crunch time, people. Let’s get serious. You have the weekend left to score a costume or start constructing one because come next week all the thrift stores and seasonal aisles will be picked over. AJC, of course, has galleries and galleries full of photos because no one reads anymore and it’s cheaper to pay someone to … Read more

The swing of things at Burt’s Place

Before Tyler Perry, there was Burt Reynolds. But beyond making Georgia the number three state in film production and bringing all kinds of movie stars like Sally Field to Atlanta,he also dallied in the ultimate celebrity investment – the restaurant/nightclub venture.*

Bullblog Bounce ’08

You know what? THIS IS GOING TO BE THE YEAR that I care about college football. Because: a) UGA is/was ranked #1, and never have I been associated with anything that is “Number One”; b) there is a new bulldog; c) my awful neighbors are Florida fans and they are just awful; and d) $hamrock (winner of Vh1’s America’s … Read more

This is why we’re HOT

Apparently, 40,000 New Yorkers have moved to Atlanta in the last five years, according to an article in the New York Sun. Although, based on this article, I am a little confused as to what they were moving for: Differences like that make some transplants disdainful of their new address 900 miles south. “Atlanta is a second-tier city,” … Read more

Breaking news! Atlanta’s seedy past!

You guys, let’s get real about our roots. Atlanta has not always been the wholesome, safe hometown we love and respect. There was once a tainted time in our genteel city before the Clermont Lounge, before the Ying-Yang Twins, before the basement dungeon at the Atlanta Eagle – this was a long, long time ago, … Read more

Plaza Drugs through the ages

According to the New Georgia Encyclopedia, Briarcliff Plaza was “Georgia’s first true shopping center.” Located at the corner of Ponce and N. Highland, it was the first retail space with an off-street parking lot in Atlanta in 1939. In the 1960s, Plaza Drugs was a delightful place to buy Russell Stover chocolates, makeup, and mother’s little … Read more

Agreeable and conscientious, that’s us!

These maps of regions according to personality traits are from Richard T. Florida‘s new book Who’s Your City? Florida’s hypothesis is that personality and a city or region’s economic growth and development are very much correlated, with openness to experience being the only type that seems to have a direct role in regional economic development. … Read more