This is why we’re HOT

Apparently, 40,000 New Yorkers have moved to Atlanta in the last five years, according to an article in the New York Sun. Although, based on this article, I am a little confused as to what they were moving for:

Differences like that make some transplants disdainful of their new address 900 miles south.

“Atlanta is a second-tier city,” Jessica Harlan, 36, who relocated two years ago, said. “New York is cooler and more exciting in every respect.”

New Yorkers may even take exception to the way Georgians speak. Their drawl, and expressions like “y’all” and “bless her heart,” grate on some newcomers.

“If my kids have a Southern accent, I will kill myself,” Brooklyn native Jodi Fleisig, an Atlanta resident since 1998, said. Ms. Fleisig said she tends to socialize with ex-New Yorkers, and finds inviting Southerners to lunch can be troublesome.

“Being Southern means you wait for someone to finish a sentence,” she said. “We talk really fast. They can’t get a word in edgewise.”

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