Old news

Are you guys ready for one of the most emotionally stirring anthems you’ll ever hear?

Two things: 1) Maybe in 1974 you could “see for a million miles on a starry night,” but now the Fulton County landfill gets in the way; 2) I love how awkward yet harmonious the closing is: “Atla-anta-a Georgia (WXIA!) Atla-anta-a Georgia (WXIA!)” I’ll be singing that all weekend.

This was from the day when local news promos were really cheeky and fun. Here the WAGA guys play in a crappy quartet on the lawn of the Atlanta History Center. (1975)

News intros from 1976-1977. These are so dramatic! I wish The Mary Tyler Moore Show had been about these people instead. It would be called The Monica Kaufman Show. On second thought, that sounds kind of boring.

Jumping way ahead to 1985, here we have the Commodores shilling for 11 Alive with their “Hello Atlanta” fake hit sung at a nursing home and the Fox Theatre.

I really do want to have all the lyrics memorized ASAP. The Commodores also altered “Nightshift” to be about 11 Alive. Later 11 Alive had some generic songstress cover “Hello Atlanta” and it wasn’t as smooth, but whatever.

Speaking of the good old days, what can we do to revive the 1949 WAGA logo?!?!?!

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