André Benjamin still lives in another, kinder world

A few years ago when I saw Andre 3000’s video for “Prototype,” I was like, “This is what his real life is like all the time, I bet.” How else does someone like that operate except in a mystical feel-good future? But maybe after his time working on Idlewild he got stuck in the ’30s. The fall collection of his men’s fashion line appears to come straight from the costume department of Jeeves and Wooster or Brideshead Revisited complete with actual olde tymey golf knickers and with an even more pronounced collegiate flair.

The line is only available at Barney’s and is called Benjamin Bixby, which I thought was the name of that upcoming Brad Pitt movie where he plays the old babyman with the horrendous fake Southern accent. (Here’s the bee in my bonnet – how is it that everyone on Northern Exposure has a Southern accent but no one in Hollywood can properly affect a Southern accent when it really counts? And then we all had to learn the hard way what an Alaskan accent really sounds like.) Anyway, do you know anyone who would actually wear those plus fours? Me neither.

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