Georgia: more like Florida every day

We have so many license plate options now! Who wants to drive less at a time like this, when we’re just about to get a cat license plate you can show off all around town?

The Georgia Department of Agriculture was having a contest to pick the design for the new plate that’s meant to remind people to get their cats fixed. Here were your options:

Creepy, right? Sadly, the winner was announced on Friday so you don’t get a chance to vote for the obese cat in the Olan Mills portrait. Guess which one won? Okay, I’ll just tell you. The bottom right design, by Randy Bieniek of Duluth, which is a rendering of a real-life cat named Hope who is waiting for adoption at a pet shelter. AWWWWWWWWWWWW.

There’s already a dog license plate in Georgia depicting a golden retriever, which is a little inaccurate since the unofficial state dog is a black lab/pit bull mix.

While you cat people wait for Georgia’s prisoners to stamp out your new plate, browse through AJC’s 7,000 albums of photos of smiling pets

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