Newsflash: Driving Sucks in Atlanta

So gas is getting ridiculously expensive, and it’s hot as crap so you have to run your AC or else get to work with all your makeup sweated off, and to really top things off, random traffic lights all around the city keep going out for no apparent reason.  I’m not sure what exactly is going on, but it’s like there are traffic demons running around lately.  Last night, the North Highland/North Avenue light was out, and although we all know it’s supposed to be a 4 way stop, you still have those occasional bungholes who decide to just slip through with the car in front of them.  Clearly no one will notice some giant dumbass GMC Yukon hauling it through the intersection!  Right?  And last weekend, the light at Freedom Parkway and Ponce was out, and there was a nasty traffic accident as a result.  Because again, people are too stupid to know how to handle when these things happen, and apparently there are too many cops assigned to the road work off of North Highland and Morningside and they can’t spare any to direct traffic when major lights go out.  And to top it all off, there are about 50 million ineffective “road patches” all over the dang city that basically blow your tires out every time your run over them.  Seriously.  One word:  INFRASTRUCTURE.  Learn it.  Live it.  Embrace it.  This city is too big for this shit.  I love you Atlanta, but please please please, either make Marta smarta, or fix the roads.  I’m begging.  And I apologize for writing a blog post that mirrors an extended version of somebody’s Vent rant.  Seriously.  My only defense is that WABE is doing an excellent and rather academic series about Atlanta and the rising cost of transportation

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