Choose your own composition

Georgia Tech professor Jason Freeman has teamed up with designer Patricia Reed and violinist Maja Cerar to create a choose your own adventure approach to music composition. The program, Graph Theory, allows you, as the composer to choose between 61 different fragments of a violin solo and choose the order they are played in as well as the length of time each fragment is repeated. When you have finished your composition, it is archived and later played at performances. This is definitely one of those things that takes a few times to completely master the game. But, once you do you’ll get to leave feeling like a musical prodigy.

Graph Theory will be on display at the Spruill Gallery for the exhibition, Breaking New Ground. The exhibition runs from May 8 to June 26. The exhibition will also feature Kathryn RefiDanielle Roney, Dick Robinson, Philip GalanterCarla Diana, and Gil Weinberg. During the exhibition, the violinist will be coming to play back some of what is composed. 

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