Chateau Elan on YouTube

I realize that the humor here is sort of along the lines of America’s Funniest Home Videos, but whatever.

I’m most impressed by two things:

1. The sincere concern of the newscasters once they cut away from the Chateau Elan footage (which by the way takes forever and leaves plenty of time to listen to the uncomfortable and bizarre noises that the hurt woman is making).

2. The reaction of YouTube viewers. I mean honestly, the response is so overwhelming that there are several related videos, including an animated version. Interestingly, the animated version has over 180,000 views, while the version of the actual footage that I found has under 90,000. However, taking the cake is easily the music video version of the footage (seen below). It has over 670,00 views. God, I love YouTube. And Atlanta newscasters.

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